Friday, August 10, 2012

1101.5114 (Sergey Gorchinskiy et al.)

A polar complex for locally free sheaves    [PDF]

Sergey Gorchinskiy, Alexei Rosly

1105.2483 (Xu-Guang Huang et al.)

Shear viscosity, Bulk viscosity and Relaxation Times of Causal
Dissipative Relativistic Fluid-Dynamics at Finite Temperature and Chemical

Xu-Guang Huang, Tomoi Koide

1110.1736 (Dagoberto Escobar et al.)

Phase space analysis of quintessence fields trapped in a Randall-Sundrum
braneworld: a refined study

Dagoberto Escobar, Carlos R. Fadragas, Genly Leon, Yoelsy Leyva

1111.0263 (Theodoros Kolyvaris et al.)

Scalar Hair from a Derivative Coupling of a Scalar Field to the Einstein

Theodoros Kolyvaris, George Koutsoumbas, Eleftherios Papantonopoulos, George Siopsis

1206.3453 (A. V. Bratchikov)

Gauge algebra of irreducible theories in the Sp(2)-symmetric BRST

A. V. Bratchikov

1208.1764 (Florian Kuhnel)

On Instability of Certain Bi-Metric and Massive-Gravity Theories    [PDF]

Florian Kuhnel

1208.1769 (Aleksey Cherman et al.)

Large N and Bosonization in Three Dimensions    [PDF]

Aleksey Cherman, Daniele Dorigoni

1208.1770 (Oleg Lunin et al.)

Adding momentum to supersymmetric geometries    [PDF]

Oleg Lunin, Samir D. Mathur, David Turton

1208.1782 (David Bermudez)

Complex SUSY Transformations and the Painleve IV Equation    [PDF]

David Bermudez

1208.1797 (S. F. Hassan et al.)

On Partially Massless Bimetric Gravity    [PDF]

S. F. Hassan, Angnis Schmidt-May, Mikael von Strauss

1208.1813 (Shinobu Hosono et al.)

Determinantal Quintics and Mirror Symmetry of Reye Congruences    [PDF]

Shinobu Hosono, Hiromichi Takagi

1208.1820 (Parijat Dey et al.)

Holographic entanglement entropy of the near horizon 1/4 BPS F-D$p$
bound states

Parijat Dey, Shibaji Roy

1208.1838 (Michael A. Soloviev)

Twisted convolution and Moyal star product of generalized functions    [PDF]

Michael A. Soloviev

1208.1851 (Andrea Campoleoni et al.)

Towards metric-like higher-spin gauge theories in three dimensions    [PDF]

Andrea Campoleoni, Stefan Fredenhagen, Stefan Pfenninger, Stefan Theisen

1208.1855 (Kazem Bitaghsir Fadafan)

Strange metals at finite 't Hooft coupling    [PDF]

Kazem Bitaghsir Fadafan

1208.1867 (Alexander N. Jourjine)

Scalar Supersymmetry and Fermiophobic Higgs    [PDF]

Alexander N. Jourjine

1208.1890 (Francis Brown et al.)

Proof of the zig-zag conjecture    [PDF]

Francis Brown, Oliver Schnetz

1208.1925 (Eric D'Hoker et al.)

Quantum Criticality via Magnetic Branes    [PDF]

Eric D'Hoker, Per Kraus

1208.2005 (Samir D. Mathur et al.)

Comments on black holes I: The possibility of complementarity    [PDF]

Samir D. Mathur, David Turton

1208.2008 (Nilay Kundu et al.)

Entangled Dilaton Dyons    [PDF]

Nilay Kundu, Prithvi Narayan, Nilanjan Sircar, Sandip P. Trivedi

1208.2014 (Michael Sarrazin et al.)

Brane matter, hidden or mirror matter, their various avatars and mixing:
the many faces of a same physics

Michael Sarrazin, Fabrice Petit

1208.2020 (Thomas Klose et al.)

Worldsheet Form Factors in AdS/CFT    [PDF]

Thomas Klose, Tristan McLoughlin