Wednesday, February 22, 2012

0806.2775 (Nicolas Boulanger et al.)

Non-linear parent action and dual gravity    [PDF]

Nicolas Boulanger, Olaf Hohm

0904.3317 (Gabor Zsolt Toth)

On some aspects of the definition of scattering states in quantum field

Gabor Zsolt Toth

0907.1034 (Claudio Dappiaggi et al.)

Rigorous construction and Hadamard property of the Unruh state in
Schwarzschild spacetime

Claudio Dappiaggi, Valter Moretti, Nicola Pinamonti

1002.3963 (Maciej Dunajski et al.)

GL(2, R) structures, G_2 geometry and twistor theory    [PDF]

Maciej Dunajski, Michal Godlinski

1009.3692 (F. A. Barone et al.)

Charged branes interactions via Kalb-Ramond field    [PDF]

F. A. Barone, F. E. Barone, J. A. Helayel-Neto

1012.3464 (Bom Soo Kim et al.)

Holographic quantum criticality and strange metal transport    [PDF]

Bom Soo Kim, Elias Kiritsis, Christos Panagopoulos

1101.2566 (Luca Fabbri)

Conformal Gravity with the most general ELKO Matter    [PDF]

Luca Fabbri

1102.1193 (Michael Rios)

Extremal Black Holes as Qudits    [PDF]

Michael Rios

1102.3448 (Sho Tanaka)

Kinematical Holographic Relation in Yang's Quantized Space-Time and
Area-Entropy Relation in $D_0$ Brane Gas System

Sho Tanaka

1104.0772 (Shih-Yuin Lin)

Instantaneous projective measurements spatially local in a relativistic
quantum field

Shih-Yuin Lin

1105.5825 (Djordje Radicevic)

Connecting the Holographic and Wilsonian Renormalization Groups    [PDF]

Djordje Radicevic

1108.0214 (Gaber Faisel et al.)

Dynamical Symmetry Breaking with Four-Superfield Interactions    [PDF]

Gaber Faisel, Dong-Won Jung, Otto C. W. Kong

1109.5924 (Miao Li et al.)

Mass-dependent Lorentz Violation and Neutrino Velocity    [PDF]

Miao Li, Tower Wang

1109.6109 (Ken-ji Hamada)

Background Free Quantum Gravity based on Conformal Gravity and Conformal
Field Theory on M^4

Ken-ji Hamada

1110.1241 (H. W. Diehl et al.)

Critical Casimir effect in films for generic non-symmetry-breaking
boundary conditions

H. W. Diehl, Felix M. Schmidt

1110.5621 (E. I. Buchbinder et al.)

Semiclassical correlators of three states with large S^5 charges in
string theory in AdS_5 x S^5

E. I. Buchbinder, A. A. Tseytlin

1111.1642 (Peter West)

Generalised geometry, eleven dimensions and E11    [PDF]

Peter West

1111.5118 (Wung-Hong Huang)

Lagrangian of Self-dual Gauge Fields in Various Formulations    [PDF]

Wung-Hong Huang

1111.5691 (Yi-Jian Du et al.)

Note on Cyclic Sum and Combination Sum of Color-ordered Gluon Amplitudes    [PDF]

Yi-Jian Du, Bo Feng, Chih-Hao Fu

1112.1384 (Johannes Hofmann)

Quantum anomaly, universal relations, and breathing mode of a
two-dimensional Fermi gas

Johannes Hofmann

1112.2996 (Matthew Sudano)

The Romelsberger Index, Berkooz Deconfinement, and Infinite Families of
Seiberg Duals

Matthew Sudano

1112.6315 (Y. Brihaye et al.)

A scalar field instability of rotating and charged black holes in
(4+1)-dimensional Anti-de Sitter space-time

Y. Brihaye, B. Hartmann

1201.1905 (Xi Dong et al.)

Aspects of holography for theories with hyperscaling violation    [PDF]

Xi Dong, Sarah Harrison, Shamit Kachru, Gonzalo Torroba, Huajia Wang

1201.3614 (Kwan Chuen Chan et al.)

Gravity and Large-Scale Non-local Bias    [PDF]

Kwan Chuen Chan, Roman Scoccimarro, Ravi K. Sheth

1201.5068 (M. Reza Tanhayi et al.)

Weyl-Invariant Higher Curvature Gravity Theories in n Dimensions    [PDF]

M. Reza Tanhayi, Suat Dengiz, Bayram Tekin

1202.4453 (Raquel H. Ribeiro)

Inflationary signatures of single-field models beyond slow-roll    [PDF]

Raquel H. Ribeiro

1202.4455 (Diego Correa et al.)

An exact formula for the radiation of a moving quark in N=4 super Yang

Diego Correa, Johannes Henn, Juan Maldacena, Amit Sever

1202.4458 (Yannis Bardoux et al.)

Shaping black holes with free fields    [PDF]

Yannis Bardoux, Marco M. Caldarelli, Christos Charmousis

1202.4456 (Mina Aganagic et al.)

Orientifolds and the Refined Topological String    [PDF]

Mina Aganagic, Kevin Schaeffer

1202.4466 (Wan-Zhe Feng et al.)

Massive Supermultiplets in Four-Dimensional Superstring Theory    [PDF]

Wan-Zhe Feng, Dieter Lust, Oliver Schlotterer

1202.4467 (Alejandra Castro et al.)

Unitarity Bounds in AdS_3 Higher Spin Gravity    [PDF]

Alejandra Castro, Eliot Hijano, Arnaud Lepage-Jutier

1202.4476 (Marco Bochicchio)

Yang-Mills mass gap at large-N, topological quantum field theory and

Marco Bochicchio

1202.4487 (R J Slagter et al.)

Warped Self-Gravitating U(1) Gauge Cosmic Strings in 5D    [PDF]

R J Slagter, D Masselink

1202.4497 (Per Berglund et al.)

Mechanics of universal horizons    [PDF]

Per Berglund, Jishnu Bhattacharyya, David Mattingly

1202.4502 (F. Bastianelli et al.)

On the low energy limit of one loop photon-graviton amplitudes    [PDF]

F. Bastianelli, O. Corradini, J. M. Davila, C. Schubert

1202.4538 (Ken-ji Hamada)

BRST Analysis of Physical Fields and States for 4D Quantum Gravity on R
x S^3

Ken-ji Hamada

1202.4551 (G. S. Denicol et al.)

Derivation of transient relativistic fluid dynamics from the Boltzmann

G. S. Denicol, H. Niemi, E. Molnar, D. H. Rischke

1202.4575 (Naresh Dadhich et al.)

The Lovelock gravity in the critical spacetime dimension    [PDF]

Naresh Dadhich, Sanjay Jhingan

1202.4580 (M. Cicoli et al.)

Modulated Reheating and Large Non-Gaussianity in String Cosmology    [PDF]

M. Cicoli, G. Tasinato, I. Zavala, C. P. Burgess, F. Quevedo

1202.4616 (Daniel Nogradi)

An ideal toy model for confining, walking and conformal gauge theories:
the O(3) sigma model with theta-term

Daniel Nogradi

1202.4651 (D. -E. Diaconescu et al.)

HOMFLY polynomials, stable pairs and motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants    [PDF]

D. -E. Diaconescu, Z. Hua, Y. Soibelman

1202.4676 (Holger Frahm et al.)

Phase Diagram of an Integrable Alternating $U_q[sl(2|1)]$ Superspin

Holger Frahm, MĂĄrcio J. Martins

1202.4682 (U. Camara dS et al.)

Domain Walls in Extended Lovelock Gravity    [PDF]

U. Camara dS, C. P. Constantinidis, A. L. Alves Lima, G. M. Sotkov

1202.4690 (Renata Kallosh)

On Absence of 3-loop Divergence in N=4 Supergravity    [PDF]

Renata Kallosh

1202.4698 (J. Teschner et al.)

6j symbols for the modular double, quantum hyperbolic geometry, and
supersymmetric gauge theories

J. Teschner, G. S. Vartanov

1202.4730 (Kostiantyn Ropotenko)

A diffusion equation approach to determine the quantum of area    [PDF]

Kostiantyn Ropotenko

1202.4734 (Oscar Castillo-Felisola et al.)

Localization of fermions in different domain wall models    [PDF]

Oscar Castillo-Felisola, Ivan Schmidt

1202.4750 (Andreas Ross)

Multipole expansion at the level of the action    [PDF]

Andreas Ross