Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1207.0224 (V. M. Gorkavenko et al.)

Casimir force induced by an impenetrable flux tube of finite radius    [PDF]

V. M. Gorkavenko, Yu. A. Sitenko, O. B. Stepanov

1207.0230 (Sujoy Kumar Modak et al.)

Inflation with a graceful exit and entrance driven by Hawking radiation    [PDF]

Sujoy Kumar Modak, Douglas Singleton

1207.0239 (Alberto S. Cattaneo et al.)

Classical and quantum Lagrangian field theories with boundary    [PDF]

Alberto S. Cattaneo, Pavel Mnev, Nicolai Reshetikhin

1207.0243 (Djordje Minic et al.)

On the 3-point functions of Aging Dynamics and the AdS/CFT

Djordje Minic, Diana Vaman, Chaolun Wu

1207.0247 (Tsuyoshi Houri et al.)

A Deformation of Sasakian Structure in the Presence of Torsion and
Supergravity Solutions

Tsuyoshi Houri, Hiroshi Takeuchi, Yukinori Yasui

1207.0254 (Daniele Fargion)

TeV gamma-UHECR anisotropy by decaying nuclei in flight: first neutrino

Daniele Fargion

1207.0259 (Paul A. Pearce et al.)

Off-Critical Logarithmic Minimal Models    [PDF]

Paul A. Pearce, Katherine A. Seaton

1207.0279 (A. Anokhina et al.)

Racah coefficients and extended HOMFLY polynomials for all 5-, 6- and
7-strand braids

A. Anokhina, A. Mironov, A. Morozov, An. Morozov

1207.0357 (Christian Hagendorf)

Spin chains with dynamical lattice supersymmetry    [PDF]

Christian Hagendorf

1207.0359 (Dong-il Hwang et al.)

No-boundary measure and preference for large e-foldings in multi-field

Dong-il Hwang, Soo A Kim, Bum-Hoon Lee, Hanno Sahlmann, Dong-han Yeom

1207.0374 (Matthias Krüger et al.)

Trace formulae for non-equilibrium Casimir interactions, heat radiation
and heat transfer for arbitrary objects

Matthias Krüger, Giuseppe Bimonte, Thorsten Emig, Mehran Kardar

1207.0375 (Arata Yamamoto)

Chiral Magnetic Effect on the Lattice    [PDF]

Arata Yamamoto

1207.0385 (Jorgen Rasmussen et al.)

Refined conformal spectra in the dimer model    [PDF]

Jorgen Rasmussen, Philippe Ruelle

1207.0412 (A. F. Ferrari et al.)

Dynamics of a Dirac Fermion in the presence of spin noncommutativity    [PDF]

A. F. Ferrari, M. Gomes, V. G. Kupriyanov, C. A. Stechhahn

1207.0413 (Benjamin Basso et al.)

On the integrability of two-dimensional models with U(1)xSU(N) symmetry    [PDF]

Benjamin Basso, Adam Rej

1207.0416 (Joseph Ben Geloun et al.)

Some classes of renormalizable tensor models    [PDF]

Joseph Ben Geloun, Etera R. Livine

1207.0417 (A. Milekhin)

CP(N-1) model on finite interval in the large N limit    [PDF]

A. Milekhin

1207.0419 (A. N. Ivanov et al.)

The influence of the chameleon field potential on transition frequencies
of gravitationally bound quantum states of ultra-cold neutrons

A. N. Ivanov, R. Höllwieser, T. Jenke, M. Wellenzohen, H. Abele

1207.0423 (Mojtaba Taslimi Tehrani et al.)

Singularity Avoidance of Charged Black Holes in Loop Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Mojtaba Taslimi Tehrani, Hoshang Heydari

1207.0445 (Mar Bastero-Gil et al.)

General dissipation coefficient in low-temperature warm inflation    [PDF]

Mar Bastero-Gil, Arjun Berera, Rudnei O. Ramos, Joao G. Rosa

1207.0455 (Peter Orland)

A reintroduction of dynamical SU(2) gauge fields in Hubbard models    [PDF]

Peter Orland

1207.0457 (Anton Kapustin)

Remarks on nonrelativistic Goldstone bosons    [PDF]

Anton Kapustin

1207.0460 (Kseniya Bulycheva et al.)

BPS States in Omega Background and Integrability    [PDF]

Kseniya Bulycheva, Heng-yu Chen, Alexander Gorsky, Peter Koroteev

1207.0461 (Manavendra Mahato)

Chiral vortices in relativistic hydrodynamics    [PDF]

Manavendra Mahato

1207.0465 (L. Filipe O. Costa et al.)

Gravito-electromagnetic analogies    [PDF]

L. Filipe O. Costa, José Natário

1207.0470 (L. Filipe O. Costa et al.)

Spacetime dynamics of spinning particles - exact gravito-electromagnetic

L. Filipe O. Costa, José Natário, Miguel Zilhão

1207.0475 (Eloy Ayón-Beato et al.)

Critical gravity waves    [PDF]

Eloy Ayón-Beato, Gaston Giribet, Mokhtar Hassaine

1207.0477 (Dmitri E. Kharzeev et al.)

Chiral Electronics    [PDF]

Dmitri E. Kharzeev, Ho-Ung Yee

1207.0496 (Murad Alim)

Lectures on Mirror Symmetry and Topological String Theory    [PDF]

Murad Alim

1207.0504 (Richard Brito et al.)

Tidal effects around higher-dimensional black holes    [PDF]

Richard Brito, Vitor Cardoso, Paolo Pani

1207.0505 (T. Padmanabhan)

Emergent perspective of Gravity and Dark Energy    [PDF]

T. Padmanabhan

1207.0517 (C. Adam et al.)

The vector BPS baby Skyrme model    [PDF]

C. Adam, C. Naya, J. Sanchez-Guillen, A. Wereszczynski

1207.0534 (Tiberio de Paula Netto et al.)

One-loop divergences in the Galileon model    [PDF]

Tiberio de Paula Netto, Ilya L. Shapiro

1207.0573 (Richard Eager et al.)

Superconformal Indices, Sasaki-Einstein Manifolds, and Cyclic Homologies    [PDF]

Richard Eager, Johannes Schmude, Yuji Tachikawa

1207.0579 (Huan-Hsin Tseng et al.)

Equation of State of Gravitational Scalar-Torsion Mode    [PDF]

Huan-Hsin Tseng, Chung-Chi Lee, Chao-Qiang Geng

1207.0588 (Xian Gao et al.)

Full bispectra from primordial scalar and tensor perturbations in the
most general single-field inflation model

Xian Gao, Tsutomu Kobayashi, Maresuke Shiraishi, Masahide Yamaguchi, Jun'ichi Yokoyama, Shuichiro Yokoyama

1207.0594 (D. S. Kaparulin et al.)

BRST analysis of general mechanical systems    [PDF]

D. S. Kaparulin, S. L. Lyakhovich, A. A. Sharapov

1207.0611 (Albrecht Klemm et al.)

ABJM Wilson loops in the Fermi gas approach    [PDF]

Albrecht Klemm, Marcos Marino, Marc Schiereck, Masoud Soroush

1207.0622 (Rong-Gen Cai)

Emergence of Space and Spacetime Dynamics of Friedmann-Robertson-Walker

Rong-Gen Cai

1207.0637 (Joao Magueijo et al.)

New ground state for quantum gravity    [PDF]

Joao Magueijo, Laura Bethke

1207.0661 (Miao Li et al.)

Einstein Equations From Holographic Thermodynamics and Holographic

Miao Li, Rong-Xin Miao, Jun Meng

1207.0670 (Stefano Liberati et al.)

Scale hierarchy in Horava-Lifshitz gravity: a strong constraint from
synchrotron radiation in the Crab nebula

Stefano Liberati, Luca Maccione, Thomas P. Sotiriou

1207.0686 (L. G. C. Gentile et al.)

Fermionic Wigs for AdS-Schwarzschild Black Holes    [PDF]

L. G. C. Gentile, P. A. Grassi, A. Mezzalira

1207.0728 (Igor A. Bandos)

Action for the eleven dimensional multiple M-wave system    [PDF]

Igor A. Bandos

1207.0491 (Claus Gerhardt)

A unified quantum theory I: gravity interacting with a Yang-Mills field    [PDF]

Claus Gerhardt

1207.0741 (Freddy Cachazo et al.)

Gravity from Rational Curves    [PDF]

Freddy Cachazo, David Skinner

1207.0747 (M. A. Stephanov et al.)

Chiral Kinetic Theory    [PDF]

M. A. Stephanov, Y. Yin

1207.0748 (Arnab Kar et al.)

A Non-Riemannian Metric on Space-Time Emergent From Scalar Quantum Field

Arnab Kar, S. G. Rajeev

1207.0778 (G. M. Sotkov et al.)

Holographic RG Flows from Quasi-Topological Gravity    [PDF]

G. M. Sotkov, U. Camara dS

1207.0787 (O. Gamayun et al.)

Conformal field theory of Painlevé VI    [PDF]

O. Gamayun, N. Iorgov, O. Lisovyy