Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1102.1105 (Vamsi P. Pingali et al.)

On Bott-Chern forms and their applications    [PDF]

Vamsi P. Pingali, Leon A. Takhtajan

1307.3018 (Ushoshi Maitra et al.)

Reconciling small radion vacuum expectation values with massive
gravitons in an Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet warped geometry scenario

Ushoshi Maitra, Biswarup Mukhopadhyaya, Soumitra SenGupta

1307.5325 (Han-Chih Chang et al.)

Entanglement Entropy for Probe Branes    [PDF]

Han-Chih Chang, Andreas Karch

1307.5331 (Daniel H. T. Franco et al.)

Finite one-loop radiative corrections in the Lorentz- and CPT-violating
QED extension

Daniel H. T. Franco, André H. Gomes

1307.5340 (Carlos M. Reyes)

Unitarity in higher-order Lorentz-invariance violating QED    [PDF]

Carlos M. Reyes

1307.5341 (Carlos M. Reyes)

Unitarity, ghosts and nonminimal terms in Lorentz violating QED    [PDF]

Carlos M. Reyes

1307.5352 (Marko Vojinovic)

Cosine problem in EPRL/FK spinfoam model    [PDF]

Marko Vojinovic

1307.5371 (Frederico Arroja et al.)

On the Trispectrum of Galileon Inflation    [PDF]

Frederico Arroja, Nicola Bartolo, Emanuela Dimastrogiovanni, Matteo Fasiello

1307.5461 (Maite Dupuis et al.)

Quantum hyperbolic geometry in loop quantum gravity with cosmological

Maite Dupuis, Florian Girelli

1307.5469 (S. Jordan et al.)

De Sitter Universe from Causal Dynamical Triangulations without
Preferred Foliation

S. Jordan, R. Loll

1307.5470 (Bahram Mashhoon et al.)

Spin Precession in Inertial and Gravitational Fields    [PDF]

Bahram Mashhoon, Yuri N. Obukhov

1307.5514 (Mozhgan Mir)

On Holographic Weyl Anomaly    [PDF]

Mozhgan Mir

1307.5527 (David Sloan)

Loop Quantum Cosmology and the Fine Structure Constant    [PDF]

David Sloan

1307.5531 (S. Faldella et al.)

SOV approach for integrable quantum models associated to general
representations on spin-1/2 chains of the 8-vertex reflection algebra

S. Faldella, G. Niccoli

1307.5536 (A. A. Saharian et al.)

Electromagnetic two-point functions and Casimir densities for a
conducting plate in de Sitter spacetime

A. A. Saharian, A. S. Kotanjyan, H. A. Nersisyan

1307.5573 (Shingo Kobayashi et al.)

Topological influence and back-action between topological excitations    [PDF]

Shingo Kobayashi, Nicolas Tarantino, Masahito Ueda

1307.5585 (Yutaka Sakamura et al.)

Impacts of non-geometric moduli on effective theory of 5D supergravity    [PDF]

Yutaka Sakamura, Yusuke Yamada

1307.5614 (Wung-Hong Huang)

Analytic Study of First-Order Phase Transition in Holographic
Superconductor and Superfluid

Wung-Hong Huang

1307.5623 (A. Yu. Kamenshchik)

Quantum cosmology and late-time singularities    [PDF]

A. Yu. Kamenshchik

1307.5629 (M. Ali-Akbari et al.)

Probe Branes Thermalization in External Electric and Magnetic Fields    [PDF]

M. Ali-Akbari, H. Ebrahim, Z. Rezaei

1307.5651 (Hernan A. Gonzalez et al.)

Asymptotically flat spacetimes in three-dimensional higher spin gravity    [PDF]

Hernan A. Gonzalez, Javier Matulich, Miguel Pino, Ricardo Troncoso

1307.5695 (George Prokhorov et al.)

Dynamics of wave fluctuations in the homogeneous Yang-Mills condensate    [PDF]

George Prokhorov, Roman Pasechnik, Grigory Vereshkov

1307.5771 (Steven Duplij)

Partial Hamiltonian formalism, multi-time dynamics and singular theories    [PDF]

Steven Duplij

1307.5772 (Domagoj Kovačević et al.)

Hermitian realizations of kappa-Minkowski spacetime    [PDF]

Domagoj Kovačević, Stjepan Meljanac, Andjelo Samsarov, Zoran Škoda

1307.5793 (Miranda C. N. Cheng et al.)

Umbral Moonshine and the Niemeier Lattices    [PDF]

Miranda C. N. Cheng, John F. R. Duncan, Jeffrey A. Harvey

1307.5795 (John H. Schwarz)

Multicharge Superstrings    [PDF]

John H. Schwarz

1307.5826 (M. Shifman)

Remarks on Adjoint QCD with k Flavors, k>= 2    [PDF]

M. Shifman

1307.5832 (P. Mastrolia et al.)

Multiloop Integrand Reduction for Dimensionally Regulated Amplitudes    [PDF]

P. Mastrolia, E. Mirabella, G. Ossola, T. Peraro