Friday, July 5, 2013

1303.6628 (Noemi Frusciante et al.)

Gradient expansion of superhorizon perturbations in G-inflation    [PDF]

Noemi Frusciante, Shuang-Yong Zhou, Thomas P. Sotiriou

1307.1128 (Masahito Yamazaki)

New Integrable Models from the Gauge/YBE Correspondence    [PDF]

Masahito Yamazaki

1307.1132 (Kristan Jensen et al.)

The holographic dual of an EPR pair has a wormhole    [PDF]

Kristan Jensen, Andreas Karch

1307.1137 (F. Farakos et al.)

On the Starobinsky Model of Inflation from Supergravity    [PDF]

F. Farakos, A. Kehagias, A. Riotto

1307.1139 (Xin Gao et al.)

On Classifying the Divisor Involutions in Calabi-Yau Threefolds    [PDF]

Xin Gao, Pramod Shukla

1307.1140 (Marcin Daszkiewicz)

Twist deformation of l-conformal Galilei Hopf algebra    [PDF]

Marcin Daszkiewicz

1307.1141 (Xin Gao et al.)

Stabilization of Odd Axions in LARGE Volume Scenario    [PDF]

Xin Gao, Pramod Shukla

1307.1145 (Helvi Witek)

Black hole dynamics in generic spacetimes    [PDF]

Helvi Witek

1307.1153 (Gustavo Arciniega et al.)

Brighter Branes, enhancement of photon production by strong magnetic
fields in the gauge/gravity correspondence

Gustavo Arciniega, Patricia Ortega, Leonardo Patino

1307.1203 (Isao Kishimoto et al.)

Gauge Invariant Overlaps for Identity-Based Marginal Solutions    [PDF]

Isao Kishimoto, Tomohiko Takahashi

1307.1247 (Andreas Aste)

Aspects of the derivative coupling model in four dimensions    [PDF]

Andreas Aste

1307.1290 (Daniel Butter et al.)

Nonlocal action for the super-Weyl anomalies: A new representation    [PDF]

Daniel Butter, Sergei M. Kuzenko

1307.1313 (Rabin Banerjee et al.)

Two dimensional hydrodynamics with gauge and gravitational anomalies    [PDF]

Rabin Banerjee, Poulami Chakraborty, Shirsendu Dey, Bibhas Ranjan Majhi, Arpan Krishna Mitra

1307.1314 (Karthik Inbasekar et al.)

Stability of Bianchi attractors in Gauged Supergravity    [PDF]

Karthik Inbasekar, Prasanta K. Tripathy

1307.1317 (Erich Poppitz et al.)

(S)QCD on R^3 x S^1: Screening of Polyakov loop by fundamental quarks
and the demise of semi-classics

Erich Poppitz, Tin Sulejmanpasic

1307.1331 (Abhay Ashtekar)

A new perspective on CP and T violation    [PDF]

Abhay Ashtekar

1307.1345 (Michikazu Kobayashi et al.)

Vortex polygons and their stabilities in Bose-Einstein condensates and
field theory

Michikazu Kobayashi, Muneto Nitta

1307.1367 (Stanislav Kuperstein et al.)

Spacetime emergence via holographic RG flow from incompressible
Navier-Stokes at the horizon

Stanislav Kuperstein, Ayan Mukhopadhyay

1307.1378 (Luis Alvarez-Gaume et al.)

More On Critical Collapse of Axion-Dilaton System in Dimension Four    [PDF]

Luis Alvarez-Gaume, Ehsan Hatefi

1307.1422 (P. J. Mora et al.)

Hartree Approximation to the One Loop Quantum Gravitational Correction
to the Graviton Mode Function on de Sitter

P. J. Mora, N. C. Tsamis, R. P. Woodard

1307.1443 (Arthur E. Lipstein et al.)

From dlogs to dilogs; the super Yang-Mills MHV amplitude revisited    [PDF]

Arthur E. Lipstein, Lionel Mason

1307.1452 (Igor Salom)

Role of the orthogonal group in construction of osp(1|2n)

Igor Salom

1307.1460 (E. Abdalla et al.)

Holographic phase transition and conductivity in three dimensional
Lifshitz black hole

E. Abdalla, Jeferson de Oliveira, A. B. Pavan, C. E. Pellicer

1307.1465 (G. Aminov et al.)

Three-particle Integrable Systems with Elliptic Dependence on Momenta
and Theta Function Identities

G. Aminov, A. Mironov, A. Morozov, A. Zotov