Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1210.0186 (Rossen I. Ivanov et al.)

Cyclic Universe with an Inflationary Phase from a Cosmological Model
with Real Gas Quintessence

Rossen I. Ivanov, Emil M. Prodanov

1210.0201 (Giulia Gubitosi et al.)

The Effective Field Theory of Dark Energy    [PDF]

Giulia Gubitosi, Federico Piazza, Filippo Vernizzi

1210.0207 (C. -L. Ho et al.)

Confluence of apparent singularities in multi-indexed orthogonal
polynomials: the Jacobi case

C. -L. Ho, R. Sasaki, K. Takemura

1210.0208 (Masud Chaichian et al.)

Electromagnetic interaction in theory with Lorentz invariant CPT

Masud Chaichian, Kazuo Fujikawa, Anca Tureanu

1210.0211 (Nick E. Mavromatos)

Some Aspects of String Cosmology and the LHC    [PDF]

Nick E. Mavromatos

1210.0217 (K. B. Alkalaev)

Massless hook field in AdS(d+1) from the holographic perspective    [PDF]

K. B. Alkalaev

1210.0221 (Partha Pratim Pradhan)

ISCOs in Extremal Gibbons-Maeda-Garfinkle-Horowitz-Strominger Blackholes    [PDF]

Partha Pratim Pradhan

1210.0241 (Paolo Aschieri et al.)

Noncommutative connections on bimodules and Drinfeld twist deformation    [PDF]

Paolo Aschieri, Alexander Schenkel

1210.0255 (Djordje Radicevic)

Singlet Vector Models on Lens Spaces    [PDF]

Djordje Radicevic

1210.0284 (Justin R. David et al.)

Thermodynamics of higher spin black holes in 3D    [PDF]

Justin R. David, Michael Ferlaino, S. Prem Kumar

1210.0299 (Kazuki Hasebe et al.)

Quantum Entanglement and Topological Order in Hole-Doped Valence Bond
Solid States

Kazuki Hasebe, Keisuke Totsuka

1210.0301 (Moulay-Tahar Benameur et al.)

Conformal invariants of twisted Dirac operators and positive scalar

Moulay-Tahar Benameur, Varghese Mathai

1210.0331 (István M. Szécsényi et al.)

Spectral expansion for finite temperature two-point functions and

István M. Szécsényi, Gábor Takács

1210.0339 (Luis Aparicio)

Some phenomenological aspects of Type IIB/F-theory string

Luis Aparicio

1210.0349 (Shinichi Deguchi et al.)

(Pre-)Hilbert spaces in twistor quantization    [PDF]

Shinichi Deguchi, Jun-ichi Note

1210.0379 (J. G. Pereira)

Lorentz Connections and Gravitation    [PDF]

J. G. Pereira

1210.0388 (Hirofumi Yamada)

Inverse Laplace transform on the lattice spacing    [PDF]

Hirofumi Yamada

1210.0443 (William E. East et al.)

Ultrarelativistic black hole formation    [PDF]

William E. East, Frans Pretorius

1210.0478 (Isaac Chappell II et al.)

Adinkra (In)Equivalence From Coxeter Group Representations: A Case Study    [PDF]

Isaac Chappell II, S. James Gates Jr, T. Hubsch

1210.0497 (Srijit Bhattacharjee et al.)

Infrared Instability in Graviton Higgs Theory    [PDF]

Srijit Bhattacharjee, Parthasarathi Majumdar

1210.0507 (Artur R. Pietrykowski)

Interacting Scalar Fields in the Context of Effective Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Artur R. Pietrykowski

1210.0513 (Gaurav Narain et al.)

Unitary and Renormalizable Theory of Higher Derivative Gravity    [PDF]

Gaurav Narain, Ramesh Anishetty

1210.0519 (Marc Casals et al.)

Analytic Investigation of the Branch Cut of the Green Function in
Schwarzschild Space-time

Marc Casals, Adrian C. Ottewill

1210.0534 (John Estes et al.)

Holographic Wilson Loops, Dielectric Interfaces, and Topological

John Estes, Andy O'Bannon, Efstratios Tsatis, Timm Wrase

1210.0539 (Stephane Detournay et al.)

Warped Conformal Field Theory    [PDF]

Stephane Detournay, Thomas Hartman, Diego M. Hofman

1210.0540 (Bom Soo Kim)

Hyperscaling violation : a unified frame for effective holographic

Bom Soo Kim

1210.0544 (Carlos S. Frenk et al.)

Dark matter and cosmic structure    [PDF]

Carlos S. Frenk, Simon D. M. White

1210.0554 (L. Lopez)

On cubic AdS interactions of mixed-symmetry higher spins    [PDF]

L. Lopez

1210.0569 (Solomon Endlich et al.)

Solid Inflation    [PDF]

Solomon Endlich, Alberto Nicolis, Junpu Wang

1210.0578 (Miguel F. Paulos)

Loops, Polytopes and Splines    [PDF]

Miguel F. Paulos

1210.0581 (Chien-Yao Tseng)

Decoherence Problem in Ekpyrotic Phase    [PDF]

Chien-Yao Tseng

1210.0589 (Oren Bergman et al.)

Probing the Higgs branch of 5d fixed point theories with dual giant
gravitons in AdS(6)

Oren Bergman, Diego Rodriguez-Gomez

1210.0597 (Mariana Carrillo-Gonzalez et al.)

No-go theorem for a super-exponential braneworld hierarchy solution and
gravity localisation

Mariana Carrillo-Gonzalez, Gabriel German, Alfredo Herrera-Aguilar

1210.0695 (Amir Abbass Varshovi)

alpha^star-Cohomology and Classification of Translation-Invariant
Non-Commutative Quantum Field Theories

Amir Abbass Varshovi

1210.0698 (Stefano Catani et al.)

Recursion relations for the multiparton collinear limit and splitting

Stefano Catani, Petros Draggiotis, Germán Rodrigo

1210.0708 (J. X. Lu et al.)

The phase structure of black D1/D5 (F/NS5) system in canonical ensemble    [PDF]

J. X. Lu, Ran Wei, Jianfei Xu

1210.0715 (D. V. Uvarov)

A note about fermionic equations of AdS_4 x CP^3 superstring    [PDF]

D. V. Uvarov

1210.0721 (Gabriel German et al.)

A de Sitter tachyon thick braneworld and gravity localization    [PDF]

Gabriel German, Alfredo Herrera-Aguilar, Dagoberto Malagon-Morejon, Refugio Rigel Mora-Luna, Roldao da Rocha

1210.0726 (Arthemy V. Kiselev)

The calculus of multivectors on noncommutative jet spaces    [PDF]

Arthemy V. Kiselev

1210.0731 (Glenn Barnich et al.)

BMS_3 invariant two dimensional field theories as flat limit of

Glenn Barnich, Andrés Gomberoff, Hernán A. González

1210.0742 (M. R. Setare et al.)

Tachyon Warm-Intermediate Inflationary Universe Model in High
Dissipative Regime

M. R. Setare, V. Kamali

1210.0759 (J. B. Formiga)

Conservation of the Dirac Current in Models with a General Spin

J. B. Formiga

1210.0768 (S. Belliard et al.)

Bethe vectors of SU(3)-invariant integrable models    [PDF]

S. Belliard, S. Pakuliak, E. Ragoucy, N. A. Slavnov

1210.0777 (Aden Forrow et al.)

Variable Phase S-Matrix Calculations for Asymmetric Potentials and

Aden Forrow, Noah Graham

1210.0839 (Jack Gegenberg et al.)

An instability of hyperbolic space under the Yang-Mills flow    [PDF]

Jack Gegenberg, Andrew C. Day, Haitao Liu, Sanjeev S. Seahra

1210.0853 (Hee-Cheol Kim et al.)

Supersymmetric M5 Brane Theories on R x CP2    [PDF]

Hee-Cheol Kim, Kimyeong Lee

1210.0856 (Lesley M. Sibner et al.)

Hyperbolic Multi-Monopoles With Arbitrary Mass    [PDF]

Lesley M. Sibner, Robert J. Sibner

1210.0863 (Alisha Wissanji)

F-theory and M-theory perspectives on N=2 supersymmetric gauge theories
in four dimensions

Alisha Wissanji

1210.0865 (Hans-Christian Ruiz)

Toroidal Spin Networks: Towards a Generalization of the Decomposition

Hans-Christian Ruiz

1210.0890 (Alex Buchel et al.)

Scalar Collapse in AdS    [PDF]

Alex Buchel, Luis Lehner, Steven L. Liebling