Monday, August 5, 2013

1308.0553 (Andreas P. Braun et al.)

U-folds as K3 fibrations    [PDF]

Andreas P. Braun, Francesco Fucito, Jose Francisco Morales
We study N=2 four-dimensional flux vacua describing intrinsic non-perturbative systems of 3 and 7 branes in type IIB string theory. The solutions are described as compactifications of a G(ravity) theory on a Calabi Yau threefold which consists of a fibration of an auxiliary K3 surface over an S^2 base. In the spirit of F-theory, the complex structure of the K3 surface varying over the base codifies the details of the fluxes, the dilaton and the warp factors in type IIB string theory. We discuss in detail some simple examples of geometric and non-geometric solutions where the precise flux/geometry dictionary can be explicitly worked out. In particular, we describe non-geometric T-fold solutions exhibiting non-trivial T-duality monodromies exchanging 3- and 7-branes.
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