Monday, August 5, 2013

1308.0402 (J. S. Bhattacharyya)

Critical String In (3+1)+4 Dimensions    [PDF]

J. S. Bhattacharyya
We assume that a string moves in an eight dimensional space that can be divided into the physical four dimensional Minkowski space and a four dimensional Euclidean internal space (we call it so) that can be identified with gauge symmetries and there are two N=1 local supersymmetries on the world-sheet, one applicable to the world-sheet bosons and fermions belonging to the physical space as in the NSR model and the other to those belonging to the internal space at the classical level. We use canonical method to calculate Virasoro anomaly. We anti-normal order the contributions of the physical fermions (not fermionic ghosts) to the Virasoro algebra. This changes sign of their contributions to the Virasoro anomaly and shows that critical strings can exist in four dimensional physical Minkowski space. It yields a spectrum very similar to the $N=1,D=10$ theory, but with some differences. The ground state in the fermionic sector of open strings is a Dirac spinor in this case. The Standard Model turns out the most natural choice of gauge symmetries, if the number of generations is three.
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