Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1101.0540 (A. Lima-Santos)

Temperley-Lieb K-matrices    [PDF]

A. Lima-Santos
This work concerns to the studies of boundary integrability of the vertex models from representations of the Temperley-Lieb algebra associated with the quantum group ${\cal U}_{q}[X_{n}]$ for the affine Lie algebras $X_{n}$ = $A_{1}^{(1)}$, $B_{n}^{(1)}$, $C_{n}^{(1)}$ and $D_{n}^{(1)}$. A systematic computation method is used to constructed solutions of the boundary Yang-Baxter equations. We find a $2n^{2}+1$ free parameter solution for $A_{1}^{(1)} $ spin-$(n-1/2)$ and $ C_{n}^{(1)}$ vertex models. It turns that for $A_{1}^{(1)} $ spin-$n$, $ B_{n}^{(1)}$ and $D_{n}^{(1)}$ vertex models, the solution has $2n^{2}+2n+1$ free parameters.
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