Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7738 (Anton de la Fuente et al.)

Holography of the BTZ Black Hole, Inside and Out    [PDF]

Anton de la Fuente, Raman Sundrum
We propose a CFT dual structure for quantum gravity and matter on the extended BTZ black hole, realized as a quotient of the Poincare patch of AdS3. The CFT is taken to "live" on the BTZ boundary, with components outside the horizon as well as inside the singularity, the latter containing closed timelike curves, and with different components connected by lightlike circles. Much of the paper is concerned with making concrete non-perturbative sense of these (at first sight) troubling features. After some massaging, we arrive at a simple and natural generalization of the thermal density matrix and of thermofield entanglement, to capture probes behind the horizon using specific non-local observables. Our checks include re-deriving all tree-level BTZ bulk and boundary effective field theory correlators, assuming only the standard AdS/CFT duality on the Poincare patch. This is accomplished by reanalyzing the Rindler view of standard AdS/CFT, followed by exploiting the simple quotient structure of BTZ. We study the BTZ singularity in the Poincare patch realization and show that, despite cancelations of divergences in correlators, BTZ effective field theory does break down there. Our CFT dual proposal is however manifestly UV-complete and well-defined, and clarifies the unified nature of the singularity and the horizon.
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