Friday, July 12, 2013

1307.3200 (Gustavo Lucena Gómez)

Higher-Spin Theory - Part II: enter dimension three    [PDF]

Gustavo Lucena Gómez
These notes aim at providing a pedagogical and pedestrian introduction to the subject and assume no previous knowledge apart from that of general relativity. We shall first recall the "frame" formulation of the later theory, then particularize it to three dimensions, and will end those preliminaries by reviewing the formulation of three-dimensional gravity as a gauge theory governed by a Chern-Simons action. An analogous path is then followed for higher-spin fields at the free level. Once the equivalent Chern-Simons action is established thereof, it is then explained how one can formulate three-dimensional higher-spin theories \emph{at the non-linear level} by considering higher-spin Lie algebras. We then move on to commenting on what has already been done in the context of these theories and what interesting areas of research are currently under investigation.
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