Friday, July 12, 2013

1307.3199 (Rakibur Rahman)

Higher Spin Theory -- Part I    [PDF]

Rakibur Rahman
These notes comprise a part of the introductory lectures on Higher Spin Theory presented in the Eighth Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics. We construct free higher-spin theories and turn on interactions to find that inconsistencies show up in general. Interacting massless fields in flat space are in tension with gauge invariance and this leads to various no-go theorems. While massive fields exhibit superluminal propagation, appropriate non-minimal terms may cure such pathologies as they do in String Theory -- a fact that we demonstrate. Given that any interacting massive higher-spin particle is described by an effective field theory, we compute a model independent upper bound on the ultraviolet cutoff in the case of electromagnetic coupling in flat space and discuss its implications. Finally, we consider various possibilities of evading the no-go theorems for massless fields, among which Vasiliev's higher-spin gauge theory is one. We work out a simple example of a higher-derivative cubic coupling in flat space by using the BRST-antifield formalism and explore its higher-order consistency.
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