Friday, July 12, 2013

1307.3115 (Masaki Shigemori)

Perturbative 3-charge microstate geometries in six dimensions    [PDF]

Masaki Shigemori
We construct a set of supersymmetric, regular microstate geometries of the D1-D5-P 3-charge system, using the solution generating technique of hep-th/0311092. These solutions are constructed as linear perturbations around the maximally rotating D1-D5 solution and depend on the coordinate of S^1 on which the D1- and D5-branes are wrapped. In the framework of six-dimensional supergravity developed by Gutowski, Martelli and Reall [hep-th/0306235], these solutions have a 4-dimensional base that depend on the S^1 coordinate v. The v-dependent base is expected of the superstratum solutions which are parametrized by arbitrary surfaces, and these solutions give a modest step toward their explicit construction.
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