Monday, July 29, 2013

1307.6875 (Makoto Natsuume et al.)

The enhanced holographic superconductor: is it possible?    [PDF]

Makoto Natsuume, Takashi Okamura
It is known that time-dependent perturbations can enhance superconductivity and increase the critical temperature. If this phenomenon happens to high-T_c superconductors, one could obtain room-temperature superconductors, but this is still an open issue experimentally. Meanwhile, we would like to understand this phenomenon from gravity dual and see if the enhancement is possible for holographic superconductors. Previous work (arXiv:1104.4098 [hep-th]) has studied this issue by adding a "time-dependent chemical potential," but their analysis is questionable as a true dynamic equilibrium. In particular, the AdS boundary does not supply energy to the bulk spacetime in their setup. A more appropriate way to discuss the enhancement is to add a time-dependent vector potential, i.e., a time-dependent electric field. However, the enhancement does not occur for holographic superconductors.
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