Monday, July 29, 2013

1307.6866 (Michal Pawelkiewicz et al.)

The universal Racah-Wigner symbol for Uq(osp(1|2))    [PDF]

Michal Pawelkiewicz, Volker Schomerus, Paulina Suchanek
We propose a new and elegant formula for the Racah-Wigner symbol of self-dual continuous series of representations of Uq(osp(1|2)). It describes the entire fusing matrix for both NS and R sector of N=1 supersymmetric Liouville field theory. In the NS sector, our formula is related to an expression derived in [1]. Through analytic continuation in the spin variables, our universal expression reproduces known formulas for the Racah-Wigner coefficients of finite dimensional representations.
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