Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2624 (T Vargas)

Ponzano-Regge Model on Manifold with Torsion    [PDF]

T Vargas
The connection between angular momentum in quantum mechanics and geometric objects is extended to manifold with torsion. First, we notice the relation between the $6j$ symbol and Regge's discrete version of the action functional of Euclidean three dimensional gravity with torsion, then consider the Ponzano and Regge asymptotic formula for the Wigner $6j$ symbol on this simplicial manifold with torsion. In this approach, a three dimensional manifold $M$ is decomposed into a collection of tetrahedra, and it is assumed that each tetrahedron is filled in with flat space and the torsion of $M$ is concentrated on the edges of the tetrahedron, the length of the edge is chosen to be proportional to the length of the angular momentum vector in semiclassical limit. The Einstein-Hilbert action is then a function of the angular momentum and the Burgers vector of dislocation, and it is given by summing the Regge action over all tetrahedra in $M$. We also discuss the asymptotic approximation of the partition function and their relation to the Feynmann path integral for simplicial manifold with torsion without cosmological constant.
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