Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2572 (Carlos Hoyos et al.)

The holographic dilaton    [PDF]

Carlos Hoyos, Uri Kol, Jacob Sonnenschein, Shimon Yankielowicz
We study a set of examples of holographic duals to theories with spontaneous breaking of conformal invariance in different dimensions. The geometries are domain walls interpolating between two AdS spaces, with a non-trivial background scalar field dual to a relevant operator. We comment on a subtlety in the low momentum expansion pointed out in arXiv:1304.3051 for the case of background gravity and revise the dynamical gravity results of arXiv:1207.0006, where the dilaton pole was missing in the scalar-scalar and tensor-tensor two-point functions. We compute the energy-momentum tensor and scalar two-point functions and show that there is indeed a massless dilaton pole.
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