Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4536 (Zoltan Bajnok et al.)

Defect scaling Lee-Yang model from the perturbed DCFT point of view    [PDF]

Zoltan Bajnok, Laszlo Hollo, Gerard Watts
We analyze the defect scaling Lee-Yang model from the perturbed defect conformal field theory (DCFT) point of view. First the defect Lee-Yang model is solved by calculating its structure constants from the sewing relations. Integrable defect perturbations are identified in conformal defect perturbation theory. Then pure defect flows connecting integrable conformal defects are described. We develop a defect truncated conformal space approach (DTCSA) to analyze the one parameter family of integrable massive perturbations in finite volume numerically. Fusing the integrable defect to an integrable boundary the relation between the IR and UV parameters can be derived from the boundary relations. We checked these results by comparing the spectrum for large volumes to the scattering theory.
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