Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4244 (Benjamin Assel)

Holographic Duality for three-dimensional Super-conformal Field Theories    [PDF]

Benjamin Assel
This thesis is based on the publications arXiv:1106.4253, arXiv:1206.2920, arXiv:1210.2590. We construct warped "AdS_4 x S^2 x S^2 x \Sigma" type IIB supergravity solutions dual to the infrared fixed points of all 3d N=4 linear and circular quivers. We provide checks of the correspondence by evaluating the supergravity action in a large N limit and by matching it with the computation of the free energy obtained from matrix models. To complete previous work, we establish the holographic dictionary for the more general supergravity solutions corresponding to domain walls (non-compact \Sigma) and dual to 4d SYM CFT coupled to a 1/2 BPS 3d defect. We also use our evaluations of the free energy to show that the F-theorem is verified for RG-flow relating T^{\rho}_{\hat\rho}(SU(N)) SCFTs.
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