Monday, July 15, 2013

1307.3491 (T. G. Mertens et al.)

Random Walks in Rindler Spacetime and String Theory at the Tip of the

T. G. Mertens, H. Verschelde, V. I. Zakharov
In this paper, we discuss Rindler space string thermodynamics from a thermal scalar point of view as an explicit example of the results obtained in arXiv:1305.7443. We discuss the critical behavior of the string gas and interpret this as a random walk near the black hole horizon. Combining field theory arguments with the random walk path integral picture, we realize (at genus one) the picture put forward by Susskind of a long string surrounding black hole horizons. We find that thermodynamics is dominated by a long string living at string-scale distance from the horizon whose redshifted temperature is exactly the Rindler or Hawking temperature. We provide further evidence of the recent proposal for string theory at the tip of the cigar by arXiv:1208.3930 and arXiv:1305.4799 by comparing with the flat space orbifold approach to Rindler thermodynamics. We discuss all types of closed strings (bosonic, type II and heterotic strings).
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