Monday, July 8, 2013

1307.1663 (Joshua DeBellis et al.)

Reduced Chern-Simons Quiver Theories and Cohomological 3-Algebra Models    [PDF]

Joshua DeBellis, Richard J. Szabo
We study the BPS spectrum and vacuum moduli spaces in dimensional reductions of Chern-Simons-matter theories with N>=2 supersymmetry to zero dimensions. Our main example is a matrix model version of the ABJM theory which we relate explicitly to certain reduced 3-algebra models. We find the explicit maps from Chern-Simons quiver matrix models to dual IKKT matrix models. We address the problem of topologically twisting the ABJM matrix model, and along the way construct a new twist of the IKKT model. We construct a cohomological matrix model whose partition function localizes onto a moduli space specified by 3-algebra relations which live in the double of the conifold quiver. It computes an equivariant index enumerating framed BPS states with specified R-charges which can be expressed as a combinatorial sum over certain filtered pyramid partitions.
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