Friday, March 30, 2012

1203.6538 (D. Bieletzki et al.)

Resummation scheme for 3d Yang-Mills and the two-loop magnetic mass for
hot gauge theories

D. Bieletzki, K. Lessmeier, O. Philipsen, Y. Schroder
Perturbation theory for non-Abelian gauge theories at finite temperature is plagued by infrared divergences caused by magnetic soft modes $\sim g^2T$, which correspond to the fields of a 3d Yang-Mills theory. We revisit a gauge invariant resummation scheme to solve this problem by self-consistent mass generation using an auxiliary scalar field, improving over previous attempts in two respects. First, we generalise earlier SU(2) treatments to SU(N). Second, we obtain a gauge independent two-loop gap equation, correcting an error in the literature. The resulting two-loop approximation to the magnetic mass represents a $\sim 15%$ correction to the leading one-loop value, indicating a reasonable convergence of the resummation.
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