Thursday, March 29, 2012

1007.0067 (Shun-Zhi Wang)

Hexad Preons and Emergent Gravity in 3-dimensional Complex Spacetime    [PDF]

Shun-Zhi Wang
We suggest that at high energy each space dimension has their own time dimension, forming a 3-dimensional complex spacetime. Based on this hypothesis, we propose that the primordial universe is made of six fundamental fermions and their complex conjugate states. These fermions are called Hexad Preons which carry hypercolor degree of freedom transforming under U(3,3) gauge group. The Hermitian metric emerges upon the breakdown of the gauge group from U(3,3) to its maximal compact subgroup $U(3)\otimes U(3)$. Leptons, quarks, as well as other matter states may be formed from the subsequent condensate of Hexad Preons. Strong and electroweak forces are manifestations of the hypercolor interaction in the corresponding cases. Our framework may shed light on many problems in cosmology and particle physics.
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